Supplier News

  1. AWR And UMS Partner On Process Design Kit For Advanced GaAs MMIC Foundry Process
    AWR and United Monolithic Semiconductors (UMS) recently introduced an advanced process design kit (PDK) for the UMS PPH25X GaAs pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor (pHEMT) foundry process
  2. Keithley's Enhanced ACS Software Includes Optional WLR Test Tools
    Keithley Instruments, Inc. has enhanced its Automated Characterization Suite (ACS) software to include optional wafer level reliability (WLR) test tools for semiconductor reliability and lifetime prediction testing applications
  3. Mettler-Toledo Thornton Announces New Ozone Sensors
    Mettler-Toledo Thornton announces new dissolved ozone sensors for optimal and reliable monitoring of pharmaceutical water sanitization. The sensors connect to Thornton’s new M300 transmitter - which also measures conductivity/resistivity, dissolved oxygen, flowrate, pH, ORP and temperature
  4. AWR And WIN Semiconductors Announce Next-Generation PDKs For MMIC Design
    AWR and WIN Semiconductors Corporation (WIN) recently announced the latest release of the WIN PP15-10 process design kit (PDK), the first in a series of next-generation commercial foundry PDKs available for monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) design
  5. Influence Of Concentration And Fill Depth On Product Resistance Of Sucrose During Freeze Drying
    The objective of the study described in this article was to characterize product resistance as a function of dry layer thickness for various sucrose solutions using SMART Freeze-Dryer technology. This new approach employs manometric temperature measurement (MTM) for the optimization of a lyophilization process during the first laboratory experiment. Submitted by FTS Systems
  6. Cabasse Tweeter Membrane Selects APTIV Films The Highest Performing Melt Processable Polymer
    Cabasse, a French manufacturer and pioneer of high efficiency loudspeakers, has selected Victrex APTIV film – made using VICTREX PEEK polymer, widely considered to be the highest performing melt processable polymer available – for use in the tweeter diaphragm of its La Sphere speaker system
  7. The Impact Of TOC In UPW Systems For The Electronics Industry
    During the past four decades the electronics industry has exponentially increased the number of circuits that are etched onto silicon chips. The increase in the number of circuits has significantly decreased the line-widths. Thereby, increasing by magnitudes the requirements for accurate and continuous measurement of the UPW system...
  8. RFMD Completes Acquisition Of Filtronic Compound Semiconductors
    RF Micro Devices announced the completion of its acquisition of Filtronic Compound Semiconductors Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Filtronic PLC
  9. Microsemi Adds CLASS-E Reference Design Kit For 1000 W RF Generators
    Microsemi Corporation has introduced a new solid state 1KW, Single-Ended, CLASS-E reference design kit based on Microsemi’s DRF1200 Driver/MOSFET hybrid
  10. Test Structure Design For Parallel Testing
    Parallel testing provides higher throughput than conventional sequential testing. Although parallel testing can sometimes be performed successfully on existing test structures, efficient test execution without signal loss generally requires attention to various test structure details. Frequently, optimizing the test structures for parallel test will increase throughput significantly and improve measurement integrity