Product Showcase

  1. VNX E and EX Module for Microelectronics

    The Ionpure® VNX55EX-2 high flow module is designed with proven continuous electrodeionization (CEDI) technology to produce high purity water. Performance has been optimized for the critical high quality demands of the microelectronics industry.

  2. Industrial CoMag® System for Industrial Applications

    Proven to dramatically increase treatment capacity and produce high quality effluent.

  3. Vanox® System for Point-of-Use Ultrapure Water Treatment

    Evoqua introduces a method superior to traditional ozone or peroxide based processes for removing total organic carbon (TOC) in point-of-use (POU) systems.

  4. Scientific CMOS Camera: Orca-Flash 2.8

    Hamamatsu's Scientific CMOS Camera: ORCA-Flash 2.8 is a high-sensitivity digital camera based on their scientific CMOS image sensor, FL-280, that offers 2X the pixels, 4X the speed, and 1/2 the noise — all at a lower price than standard interline CCD chips. The Orca-Flash 2.8 has the ability to deliver high resolution, high readout speed, and low noise all at an affordable price making it the scientific camera of choice for applications including life sciences, microscopy, semiconductor inspection, industrial imaging and x-ray scintillator readout.

  5. sCMOS Cameras for OEM

    These new OEM cameras from Hamamatsu feature an advanced scientific CMOS (sCMOS) image sensor capable of high resolution, fast frame rates, and low noise simultaneously. With their small size, board-level design, and simple, low-cost integration, these OEM cameras are ideal for imaging in life science, failure analysis, and semiconductor inspection.

  6. Vantage® VNX Electrodeionization Systems

    Vantage® VNX systems are pre-engineered and specifically designed to meet the demands of the power, microelectronics and general industry customer.

  7. Vanox® AOP System for High Flow TOC Reduction

    Evoqua introduces a high flow solution specifically for Total Organic Carbon (TOC) reduction where realization that organics species can impact yield at every process stage that the product comes in contact with water.

  8. High Purity Resins

    Evoqua is a leader in developing new technologies and applications for resin. We also work closely with the leading resin manufacturers to improve existing product quality and to develop new products to meet changing application needs. Our experience in ion exchange technology spans greater than 80 years and is backed by a rich history of businesses recognized as leaders in the water treatment industry.

  9. Vanox® System Hot Water Conditioning Cart

    The Vanox® system HWC is a mobile platform engineered for preparing a UF module for service in a few days, as opposed to a few weeks, which is normally required. The hot water conditioning allows the module pores to cycle, shedding TOCs and particles inherent to the manufacture of the UF from the resins. This provides suitable prepping for more immediate service.

  10. Micro Optics

    Ross Optical’s line of micro optics includes achromats, plano convex lenses, and bi-convex lenses. These optical components allow for shorter focal lengths in compact systems and feature diameters from sub-millimeter to 6 mm.