Supplier News

  1. Getting Started In Parallel Test -- Modification Of Existing Scribe Line TEGs
    By Randall G. Lee, Keithley Instruments, Inc.
    Wafer-level parallel parametric testing involves concurrent execution of multiple tests on multiple scribe line test structures. This has the potential for huge improvements in throughput with existing test hardware
  2. Advances In Instrumentation Used To Monitor High-Purity Water Treatment Systems
    High-purity water treatment technology has progressed and changed significantly in recent years. Major trends include the wider variety of membrane processes driving an increasing share of purification, more use of reclaimed and recycled water, and treatment systems with more user-friendly interface. Submitted by Mettler-Toledo Thornton
  3. RFMD To Acquire Filtronic Compound Semiconductors
    RF Micro Devices, Inc. (RFMD) and Filtronic PLC announced a definitive agreement pursuant to which RFMD will acquire Filtronic Compound Semiconductors Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Filtronic PLC, for an acquisition price of approximately 12.5 million pounds in cash
  4. Implementation Of Wafer Level Parallel Test
    By Randall G. Lee, Keithley Instruments, Inc.
    Parallel parametric test is an emerging strategy for wafer-level testing that involves concurrent execution of multiple tests on multiple scribe line test structures. It offers a relatively inexpensive way to increase throughput, thereby lowering the cost of ownership (COO) significantly. Just as important, as device scaling increases the randomness of failures, parallel testing can address the growing need to perform more tests on the same structures in less time. In this case, users can choose to either increase the number of tests performed at each site, or increase the number of sites
  5. Parallel Parametric Measurements Reduce Test Costs
    By Randall Lee, Keithley Instruments, Inc.

    As the dimensions of modern integrated circuits continue to shrink, device fabrication and parametric testing have become more challenging. Every device shrink, process innovation, and new material makes the volume and repeatability of parametric test data more critical in process development and the control of modern fabs. Today’s fabs must understand how to produce and characterize advanced materials such as high-K gate dielectrics and low-K insulators used in conductive layers – quickly and cost-effectively. Tomorrow’s IC producers may need to manufacture and test transistors formed from carbon nanotubes or other technologies that researchers have just begun to explore.

  6. Silicon Image Licenses Impinj's AEON/MTP Nonvolatile Memory For High-Volume Consumer Electronics And Computing Chips
    Leading logic nonvolatile memory (NVM) intellectual property (IP) supplier, Impinj, Inc., recently announced that Silicon Image, a leading provider of semiconductors for the secure storage, distribution and presentation of high-definition content, has licensed Impinj's AEON NVM cores to embed system-critical application data in high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) and serial advanced technology attachment (SATA) chips.
  7. Impinj Joins Chip Estimate's Prime IP Partner Program
    Impinj, Inc. and Chip Estimate Corp. announced recently that Impinj has joined the Chip Estimate Prime IP Partner Program. As a Prime IP Partner, Impinj is enabling centralized access to information about the company's semiconductor intellectual property (IP) at Impinj's IP products allow leading semiconductor companies to integrate nonvolatile memory (NVM) alongside analog and digital functionality on a single chip.
  8. SMART Freeze-Dryer Yields 78% Reduction in Development Time
    Development scientists in the R&D divisions of two leading life sciences organizations found that SMART Freeze-Dryer Technology from FTS Systems reduced their cycle development timetable by an average of 78%, and paid for itself in less than 3 months
  9. Keithley Launches C-V Measurement Instrument For Semiconductor Characterization System
    Keithley Instruments, Inc. announces a new C-V measurement instrument for its powerful Model 4200-SCS Semiconductor Characterization System
  10. e2v Selects Jazz Semiconductor For Analog-To-Digital Converter Products
    e2v and Jazz Semiconductor recently announced that e2v has chosen Jazz’s 0.18-micron SiGe BiCMOS process (SBC18HX), for the manufacture of its high resolution programmable data converter products