Supplier News

  1. SUSS MicroTec AG Appoints New Chief Financial Officer
    SUSS MicroTec has appointed Michael Knopp as the Group’s new Chief Financial Officer. He will join SUSS on August 1st 2007 and succeeds Stephan Schulak who left the company at the end of March
  2. Semiconductor Lecture: eSilicon’s Jack Harding To Deliver Logic NVM 2007 Semiconductor IP Memory Event Keynote
    Founding Logic NVM Event sponsor, Impinj, Inc., recently announced that Jack Harding, chairman, president and CEO of eSilicon Corporation, will be the keynote speaker at the second annual Logic NVM Event in Santa Clara, California, on June 14, 2007. Mr. Harding’s presentation, “Smaller, Faster, Cheaper, Better: The Relentless Pressure on Consumer Electronics,” explores system-chip design trends and techniques, such as embedding NVM cores, which affect the quality and performance of electronics products.
  3. The Case For Integrated Processes
    Based on research and documented case studies, it is clear that companies are realizing significant value by developing integrated processes across the enterprise. This white paper discusses what integrated processes are, how they create value, specific cases of companies succeeding with integrated processes, as well as a checklist to determine how integrated your own company’s processes are. Submitted by SAP Americas
  4. Hotpack Large Capacity Glassware Washers Uniquely Designed For High Volume Washing
    Hotpack Large Capacity, Top-of-the-Line Washers feature a unique triple tube spray system that is unmatched in the market, making them ideal for high volume washing in large laboratories and research centers.
  5. An Efficient Parasitic De-Embedding Technique For S-Parameter Characterization Of Silicon-Based RF/Microwave Devices
    By Richard Wang, RF Micro Devices, Inc., and Ming-Hsiang Cho, National Chiao-Tung University (Taiwan)
    In this article, an efficient S-parameter de-embedding methodology is proposed for on-wafer device characterization in the RF/microwave regime. The proposed de-embedding procedure utilizes one open and one thru dummy structure to eliminate the parasitic effects from the probe pads and the input/output interconnects of a device-under-test (DUT), respectively...
  6. Freescale Uses Cadence Analog Mixed Signal Kit For Flow Development
    Cadence Design Systems, Inc. announced that the Cadence Analog Mixed Signal (AMS) Methodology Kit has been adopted by Freescale Semiconductor
  7. Ansoft Releases New Version Of Turbo Package Analyzer Software
    Ansoft Corporation announces Turbo Package Analyzer (TPA) v5. This latest version of TPA introduces new automation, design flow, and simulation capability needed for the extraction of the electrical characteristics of complex high-performance ball-grid array (BGA) style packaging
  8. Genesis Freeze Dryers Offer Versatility For Pilot Research Or Small Scale Production Applications
    Genesis freeze dryers offer outstanding versatility for pilot, research, or small scale production applications. Part of the VirTis product line, these freeze dryers incorporate the technology and experience associated with the VirTis name...
  9. Mimix Announces SMT Packaged, GaAs MMIC, Sub-Harmonically Pumped Chipset
    Mimix Broadband, Inc. has introduced surface mount technology (SMT) packaged, gallium arsenide (GaAs) monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC), sub-harmonically pumped receiver and transmitter devices
  10. Enabling Simultaneous RF And DC Measurements During Wafer Probing
    By Randall Lee, Keithley Instruments, and Bernard Berger, Mesatronic Group
    Keithley Instruments and Mesatronic Group (Voiron, France) have formed a technical alliance to address the need for small-geometry mixed-RF and DC testing. Engineers from the two companies are working together to create probe cards for parametric test systems that take RF and low-level DC measurements on any combination of wafer prober pins...