Supplier News

  1. Advanced Technologies from SUSS MicroTec And SAESR Getters Extend Wafer-level Packaged MEMS Lifetime
    The SAES Getters Group and SUSS MicroTec presented their technologies for wafer-level packaging applications to the MEMS industry community present at the MEMS Executive Congress (November 5 -7, 2006 Scottsdale, Arizona, USA)...
  2. Taiwan’s XinTec Orders SUSS MicroTec Lithography Solutions For Chip Scale Packaging
    SUSS MicroTec, manufacturer of innovative lithography, wafer bonding and test equipment, announced the completion of another equipment purchase agreement with XinTec Inc., Taiwan, a manufacturing service provider of advanced Wafer-Level Chip Size Packaging (CSP) technology and IC Packaging to the global semiconductor market...
  3. Amkor Expands 300mm Wafer Bumping Capacity With SUSS MicroTec Lithography Solutions
    SUSS MicroTec announced that it has shipped and successfully installed a 300mm production lithography tool order at Amkor Technology, Inc., Singapore...
  4. Are you using elastomeric transfer hose when hose of Teflon® might serve you better?
    No material comes close to Teflon® in physical, chemical and a variety of other properties. As a hose product the drawback to the product was simply: in smooth-tube designs most hoses are too stiff...
  5. Microsemi To Develop Silicon Carbide RF Power Products For Avionics
    Microsemi Corporation has announced that Congress has appropriated $1.8 million to allow Microsemi’s Power Products Group (formerly Bend, Oregon-based Advanced Power Technology) to develop technology related to the use of silicon carbide semiconductor components in military avionics applications...
  6. Microsemi Announces New Line Of Power MOSFET And FREDFET Devices
    Microsemi Corporation has launched the first 15 devices in its newest generation of POWER MOS 8 products. These new MOS 8 MOSFET and FREDFET devices are designed for high power, high performance switch mode applications including power factor correction, server and telecom power systems, solar inverters, arc welding, plasma cutting, battery chargers, medical, semiconductor capital equipment and induction heating...
  7. ULCOAT Chosen As Potential Mold Supplier For SUSS C4NP
    SUSS MicroTec announced that the first potential commercial source for C4NP glass molds has been selected. During Semicon Taiwan, SUSS explained that the Glass MEMS Division of ULVAC COATING CORPORATION (ULCOAT) of Saitama, Japan has successfully demonstrated trial production of the reusable glass molds needed to bump wafers using IBM’s C4NP process...
  8. Online ROI Tool Calculates Payback From SMART Freeze-DryerTM Technology
    SMART Freeze-Dryer Technology from FTS Systems has been demonstrated to reduce the costs of developing new freeze-drying cycles by 80% or more
  9. The State Of The Art In Finance
    In the wake of recent accounting scandals and the increasingly competitive business environment, many CFOs and the finance organizations they lead have started to take on new strategic roles within the enterprise. This SAP Insight will discuss recent trends and best practices, as well as provide examples for those companies with best-practice processes, models, and technologies. Submitted by SAP Americas.
  10. Fairchild Semiconductor Opens Design Center In South America
    Fairchild Semiconductor has expanded its Global Power Resource design centers to nine worldwide with the addition of a facility in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This new design center responds to the burgeoning high-technology markets in South America...