Supplier News

  1. New Dissolved Ozone Sensors Introduced For Pharmaceutical And Semiconductor Water Sanitization
    Mettler-Toledo Thornton introduces new dissolved ozone sensors for reliably monitoring pure water sanitization. Ozone, the tri-atomic form of oxygen (O3), is used increasingly in pharmaceutical, semiconductor, bottled water and beverage systems where Mettler-Toledo Thornton already provides measurements of many other parameters
  2. Finally, An Extremely Flexible Smooth Bore Hose Of Teflon® That Is Kink Resistant. Coreflex LLC Explains How!
    Coreflex LLC offers a high purity, extremely flexible Teflon® hose that utilizes Dupont’s T-62 PTFE resin. Many hoses are marketed under the name of Teflon®, but in fact are flouropolymers...
  3. Ansoft Joins GEIA Compact Model Council
    Ansoft Corporation has joined the GEIA Compact Model Council (CMC), a group of 35 semiconductor and electronic design automation (EDA) companies worldwide that promote the standardization of compact model formulations...
  4. IEEE Launches Roadmap For Industry Standards In Nanoelectronic Applications
    Industry standards are needed to help electronic nanotechnology innovations make a smooth transition from laboratory to marketplace in the communications, information technology, consumer products and optoelectronics sectors. In order to define the scope and timing of these standards, the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) has launched the IEEE Nanoelectronics Standards Roadmap (NESR) initiative...
  5. Keithley Conforms To New IEEE Test Standards For Carbon Nanotubes
    Keithley Instruments, Inc. announces that its Model 4200 Semiconductor Characterization System conforms to and supports the just-released IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Inc.) standard for electrical testing of carbon nanotubes...
  6. New CFO To Fairchild
    Fairchild Semiconductor announced the appointment of Mark S. Frey as executive vice president and chief financial officer. Frey will report directly to President and CEO, Mark Thompson...
  7. Advanced Power Technology And Northrop Grumman Enter Into Silicon Carbide License Agreement
    Advanced Power Technology, Inc. announced that the company has entered into a license agreement with the Electronic Systems’ sector of Northrop Grumman Corporation to manufacture next-generation silicon carbide (“SiC”) microelectronic devices...
  8. SUSS Supports IMT Production Ramp Up For MEMS Devices
    SUSS MicroTec, a supplier of precision manufacturing equipment for the semiconductor and emerging markets, announced the installation of an additional wafer bonding system at Innovative Micro Technology in Santa Barbara, CA...
  9. IEEE Approves First Electrical Property Measurement Standard For Carbon Nanotubes
    If carbon nanotubes are to fulfill their commercial promise in displays, integrated circuits, sensors and other nanoelectronic components, industry must agree on uniform ways to evaluate and report their electrical properties. In a major step toward this goal, the IEEE has approved IEEE 1650, the first standard to establish a common metrics foundation for such properties...
  10. Ø15mm And Ø31mm Brushless DC Micromotors With Integrated Electronics Launched By MicroMo Electronics
    The motors have been optimized technically and functionally, equipped with Neodymium magnets (NdFeB), and arrive at 1,8 mNm continuous output torque for the Series 1525 BRC and even 28 mNm for the Series 3153 BRC...