Standard Scale


NTT-AT provides Standard Scales for Height Calibration of AFM Instruments, Metrology, Step Height measurement, and can provide a standard sample for In-Depth Profiling. Details on NTT-AT’s offerings can be found below.

Standard Sample for Height Calibration of AFM Instruments with the Order of Sub-Nanometer

It is well known that the step structure on silicon surfaces can be controlled by a heating process in an ultrahigh vacuum. The height of the Si(111) monoatomic step is 0.31 nm and is determined crystallographically. Anyone can use this standard sample to calibrate the height scale of an AFM instrument or estimate the instrument's performance.

A 10mm × 10mm sample can be applied to any AFM instrument. The sample is carefully packaged for delivery to prevent it from coming into contact with anything. With appropriate precautions to guard against humidity and floating particles in the air, the surface structure is good for more than 6 months.


  • Height scale calibration
  • Estimation of instrument's performance


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Standard Sample For Height Calibration

Scale for Metrology (Standard Type Scale)

Suitable for calibration of SPM or SEM used for DVD or CD patterns, and best suitable for calibrating length and angle of scanning probe microscope and such equipment which are indispensable for fine pattern evaluations.

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Scale For Metrology

Scale for Step Height Measuring (Standard Type Scale)


  • Suitable for AFM, optical microscope, stylus method step height scale, etc.
  • Three types of steps: 0.05µm, 1µm, 4µm
  • Reasonable price with fast delivery


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Scale For Step Height Measurement

Standard Sample for In-depth Profiling

This is a standard test sample with multilayer films for in-depth profiling of SIMS, AES, XPS and XRF. Suitable for evaluation of resolution, distance measurement and sensitivity.

Using this standard sample, you can test:

  • in-depth resolution
  • in-depth distance
  • sensitivity


We can offer standard test samples of your choice in terms of material, film thickness, as well as the numbers of layers.

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Standard Sample For In-Depth Profiling

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