Product Showcase

  1. Gratings

    NTT Advanced Technology produces high precision, nm-order optical components including several types of gratings. We fabricate a variety of optical components, making use of advanced nano fabrication technologies.

  2. Drum Transfer System

    Flexible Containment for offloading drummed materials in a safe and efficient manner is provided by the Drum Transfer System (DTS) platform.

  3. Blending Containment

    Our continuous liner system has been applied to production level V-Blenders. The low profile design was used in this application to support clearance limitations with this pre-installed piece of process equipment.

  4. Containment: Granulator Technology

    Used for lab scale and production operations at multiple International Pharma manufacturers, our Granulator containment technology applications take the idea of retrofits to another level.

  5. Process Area Barriers Curtains

    Process Area Barrier Curtains are a useful tool in improving the containment levels in existing installations and as a method to restrict access.

  6. Wet Process Analyzer

    ABB supplies the SEMICONDUCTOR, SOLAR CELL and FLAT PANEL DISPLAY industries with the first in-situ, real time, non-contact analyzer for wet bench monitoring.

  7. Tray Dryer Powder Containment

    Tray Dryers are a common method of dryer wetcakes and granulated drug products. This is especially true in the early product development phase.

  8. Crimping System
    Another ILC innovation in the area of flexible containment is the design of the advanced crimping system.
  9. Containment: Offloading

    Containment solutions for the contained offloading of Aurora Filters.

  10. Containment: Bag In Bag Out

    The DoverPac® Bag In/Bag Out (BIBO) containment system is a family of contained transfer designs for multiple processes. The primary components for this validated operation consist of multiple groove canisters, docking interface hardware, and softgoods in either continuous liner form or discreet liners.