Product Showcase

  1. Smart CMOS Camera for Limited Space and Harsh Environments

    The VC nano tube is a smart CMOS camera developed from a customer request asking for a small, intelligent CMOS camera with a round and dust-proof housing with integrated lighting. The camera needed to be integrated into a limited space application while being subjected to dust, dirt, and humidity.

  2. Intelligent CMOS Camera for Stereo Applications: VC nano cube

    The VC nano cube is an intelligent CMOS stereo camera particularly ideal for 3D tasks and alignment applications. It features two 22 x 22 x 22.5 mm sensor heads connected to the VC nano housing through a connector with a small diameter.

  3. Synthetic Fused Silica: Spectrosil® 2000

    Spectrosil is a chlorine and bubble free synthetic fused silica ideal for deep UV optical applications. It features exceptional optical transmission in the deep ultraviolet and visible spectrums with a range from below 180 nm through 2000 nm.

  4. Synthetic Fused Silica for High Optical Performance: DUV to NIR Optics and HE Laser Optics

    This high purity synthetic fused silica material features a high degree of homogeneity and is manufactured by flame hydrolysis of SiCI4. These materials provide a high degree of radiation to damage and as such, are the preferred materials in high energy applications.

  5. Miniature Spectrometer: AvaSpec Mini

    The AvaSpec Mini is a powerful spectrometer in a small package  (90 x 68 x 20 mm, 155 grams).  The instrument is available in a variety of fixed configurations covering the UV to the NIR  with resolution as high as 0.2 nm (FWHM). This spectrometer is ideal for radiometry, UV/VIS chemistry, colorimetry and Raman spectroscopy applications.  The AvaSpec Mini is available individually for lab use or for integration into other devices as an OEM-spectrometer.

  6. Vision Sensor for Quality Inspection: VC Smart Inspect

    The VC Smart Inspect combines an extremely fast, high performance CMOS sensor (from 752 x 480 pixel up to 2592 x 1944 pixel), a 700 MHz processor, high-output LED illumination, and more in a compact, 140 x 70 x 35 mm housing.

  7. Intelligent Camera for Security Applications: VC360

    The VC360 Intelligent Camera is equipped with four sensor heads, providing 360° perimeter monitoring for security applications. This set up provides an advantage over traditional fisheye lens security cameras. As those cameras are typically mounted on a ceiling, they cover an angle of less than 180°. This means that objects outside of the aperture angle cannot be detected. The VC360 has been designed to be installed at floor-to-eye height with each sensor monitoring a 90° angle, making it much more suitable for handling panoramic security imaging applications.

  8. Precision Potentiometers

    These precision potentiometers are water resistant, RoHS compliant, and feature a wide temperature operating range. They’ve specifically been designed to withstand tough industrial applications, and are especially ideal for precision applications involving industrial control, valve and pump control, joysticks, lighting control, speed control, HVAC position sensing, marine and medical equipment, and more.

  9. 14-Bit Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC): AD9645

    The AD9645 Analog-to-Digital Converter is ideal for diversity radio systems, 3G and 4G cellular, radar/LIDAR, portable medical imaging and ultrasound, smart antenna systems, broadband data, and other applications where outstanding dynamic performance and low power in a small package is critical.

  10. High Linearity Low Noise Amplifier: TQP3M9037

    This low noise amplifier (LNA) operates in the 1.5-2.7 GHz frequency range, and is ideal for 3G/4G base station transceivers and repeaters, TDD/FDD systems, defense, and other wireless applications.