Product Showcase

  1. Step-Down Regulator for Multi-Band/Mode RF Power Amplifiers: SKY87000

    The SKY87000 is a step-down regulator with auto-bypass LDO for multi-band and multi-mode RF power amplifiers. It features a 2.7 to 5.5 V input voltage range, a 0.4 V to 4.25 V dynamic output voltage, an internally compensated current/mode architecture, an integrated 85mΩ bypass regulator, and much more.

  2. Multiband, Multimode Front-End Modules (FEMs) for Advanced Mobile Applications

    The SKY78010 and SKY78011 are multiband, multimode front end modules (FEMs) that are fully optimized and 100% RF tested. They’re both significantly smaller than the industry’s most advanced approach to FEMs, measuring in at 7 x 9.8 x 1.05 mm. They feature a 2G quad-band and 3G/4G penta-band GPIO control interface, and the world’s best linearity and PAE for smart RF integration.

  3. Ultra-Low Noise Amplifier: SKY67151-396LF

    This high performance, GaAs, pHEMT low-noise amplifier (LNA) covers the 0.7-3.8 GHz frequency range and is ideal for applications involving LTE, GSM, WCDMA, HSDPA macro and micro base stations, high temperature transceiver applications, L and S band ultra-low noise receivers, cellular repeaters, and DAS, and RRH/RRUs.

  4. Miniature, Low Power OCXO: Model 148

    This oven-controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO) covers the 8 MHz to 100 MHz frequency range and is the industry’s smallest of its kind. It utilizes a unique SC cut crystal technology to achieve low power consumption (0.23W at +25ºC) and features an incredibly compact size, allowing for additional board space.

  5. 802.11ac Enabling Front-End-Modules

    IEEE 802.11ac enables faster content downloads than 802.11n solutions have in the past. Skyworks recently developed and released two from-end-modules (FEMs) that enable 802.11ac technology for WiFi enabled smartphones and tablets. These new FEMs allow consumers to experience incredibly fast download speeds across multiple platforms.

  6. Backlight LED Drivers for Smartphones and Tablets

    Skyworks has recently released four new backlight LED drivers designed specifically for next-generation smart phones and tablets.

  7. Switches and Capacitors for Antenna Tuning

    Antenna tuning and antenna diversity are key for smartphone manufacturers looking for analog semiconductor solutions that can handle more than 20 cellular frequency bands, as well as WiFi and Bluetooth®.

  8. VGAs for LTE and WCDMA Infrastructure

    These low noise, variable gain amplifiers (VGAs) are ideal for low noise/high linearity systems and LTE/WCDMA infrastructure applications. Three different models are available with frequencies as low as 814 MHz and as high as 915 MHz. Each model has a 35 dB gain and 3 dBm input IP3 (SKY65370-11 has a  6 dBm input IP3). Download the datasheets below for additional specifications and information on features.

  9. Heat Sinks with Low Thermal Resistance

    Heat sinks are used for the dissipation of heat from high performance integrated circuits (ICs). Two different series are featured here; the forged heat sink series, and the extruded heat sink series. These heat sinks feature excellent thermal performance and are applicable to BGA, PGA, PLCC, QFP, and other IC packages.

  10. Intelligent Multiple Head Camera Platform: VCSBC quadro

    The VCSBC is a multiple head board-level camera based off of the VC360 Intelligent Camera configuration. VCSBC quadro can be equipped with one, two, or four sensor heads and is an ideal economic platform for several multi-sensor imaging solutions.