Product Showcase

  1. Micro Optics

    Ross Optical’s line of micro optics includes achromats, plano convex lenses, and bi-convex lenses. These optical components allow for shorter focal lengths in compact systems and feature diameters from sub-millimeter to 6 mm.

  2. Precision Molded Aspherical Lenses

    Aspherical lenses, or aspheres, are typically used in high efficiency illumination systems due to their shorter focal length and correction for spherical and coma aberrations. These characteristics result in better overall image quality.

  3. Custom Optics and Assemblies

    Ross Optical offers a variety of lens types including spheres, aspheres, and micro optics. They’re available from under 1mm to over 150mm in diameter and are ideal for OEM applications in R&D, electronics, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, biomedical, and military markets.

  4. Sharp Cut and IR Filters: W Series

    These sharp cut and IR filters have been developed to meet the requirements of the European standard. Standard dimensions include 50mm square (polished) and 165mm square (polished and unpolished). Custom sizes and thickness are available, and a wide range of coatings can be applied.

  5. Compact Supercritical Dryer

    A pattern collapse occurs during the fabrication process when the liquid surrounding the semiconductor pattern dries up. To prevent this, NTT-AT has developed the PCO-4SC to conduct supercritical drying operations.

  6. Pressure/Vacuum Compact Clean Oven: PCO-083TA

    The PCO-083TA is clean oven that provides both pressure and vacuum treatments. A wide variety of heat-treatment processes under pressurization and depressurization conditions are made possible through this system. It can also provide low-oxygen curing for polyimide, material synthesis under pressure, and pressure-and-heat-treatment for the removal of bubbles in seal or adhesion resins.

  7. Pressure Controllable Automatic Curing System: PCOA-01T

    The PCOA-01T is a pressure controllable automatic curing system that provides thermal treatment of a wide variety of electronic devices in the mounting/manufacturing process. It removes bubbles in seals and in adhesion resins, provides a low oxygen cure of resins, and conducts materials synthesis under increased pressure.

  8. Spin Coating Film Transfer and Hot-Pressing: STP Machine

    The STP machine is the ideal solution for advanced electronic device manufacturing. It can be used to seal, fill, and planarize, MEMS, LSI, and other devices.

  9. HEVC Software CODEC “HEVC-1000 SDK”

    The HEVC-1000 SDK is a software development kit that provides functionality for H.265/HEVC video encoding and decoding.  It provides approximately twice the compression performance as H.264/AVC with the same video image quality, which reduces bandwidth and file size by 50%.

  10. Ultra-Thin Color Compensating Filters: C Series

    The C series color compensating filters are ideally suited for CCD imaging applications involving digital and video cameras. It features an ultra-thin design, high transmission in the visible range, and excellent chemical durability. The filter has been designed to enhance the color distribution in the visible spectrum while also eliminating and UV and NIR transmission. For more information, download the datasheet.