News | November 4, 2008

Tokyo Electron (TEL) Introduces A Dual Purpose 300mm Dicing Frame Prober


TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Tokyo Electron, Ltd. (TEL) (TOKYO:8035) today unveiled the company's new 300mm Dicing Frame Prober, the WDF™ 12DP. Designed to address the increasing demand for probing of ultra thin and diced wafers, the system can also be used as a standard wafer prober.

Based on TEL's production-proven WDF DP system, the WDF 12DP also benefits from the advanced hardware reliability of TEL's 300mm Precio series of fully automatic wafer probers. Employing TEL's patented On-Axis Alignment and N-Shot alignment feature, the WDF 12DP provides superior accuracy and the ability to test in parallel.

The demand for ultra thin communication devices and ever-increasing feature density in those devices is driving innovation in packaging techniques, such as Chip Scale and Wafer-Level packaging, stacked and 3-D technologies. The WDF 12DP is designed to address the wafer-level testing of these packaging technologies, as well as Known Good Die testing of ultra thin wafers, singulated wafers and strips on a dicing frame.

"The introduction of a 300mm Dicing Frame prober adds another key element to TEL's line-up of production-proven wafer probing solutions," says Steve Nagasawa, VP and GM of TEL's Test System BU, "The WDF 12DP is ideally suited to address the advances in packaging and thin wafer technology being driven by the consumer market."

About TEL

TEL, established in 1963, is a leading supplier of innovative semiconductor and FPD production equipment worldwide. In Japan, TEL also distributes computer network related products and electronic components of global leading suppliers. To support this diverse product base, TEL is strategically located around the world. TEL is a publicly held company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

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