Synthetic Fused Silica for High Optical Performance: DUV to NIR Optics and HE Laser Optics

Source: Heraeus Quartz America, LLC.

This high purity synthetic fused silica material features a high degree of homogeneity and is manufactured by flame hydrolysis of SiCI4. These materials provide a high degree of radiation to damage and as such, are the preferred materials in high energy applications.

Suprasil 311®: This isotropic 3D materials features highest index homogeneity and has no striations in all three dimensions. This is important for prisms, etalons, steep lenses, beam splitters or other multiple axis optics.

Suprasil 312®: This material is homogeneous in its primary functional direction, and if weak striations are present, they are parallel to the major faces and do not impact optical performance.

Both of these synthetic fused silica materials provide a high degree of resistance to laser radiation damage and are preferred materials for high energy laser applications.