Suprasil® UVL: For Cost Effective DUV Performance- DUV Excimer Optics

Source: Heraeus Quartz America, LLC.

This high purity and chlorine free fused silica material is made from flame hydrolysis and under controlled conditions to improve the DUV Excimer laser damage resistance for highest energy applications. In this case the material is doped with a guaranteed Hydrogen content to reduce fluorescence caused by high energy laser irradiation.  This material has very low impurity levels (<0.01ppm) which results in low DUV absorption and is free of bubbles & inclusions.

A common tradeoff to, Suprasil ® 1 ArF/KrF and Suprasil ® 2 ArF/Kr, this material is not refined, made in homogeneous ingot form and will have higher index variation across the optical aperture. This material is ideal for DUV Excimer optics & other high energy optics requiring lower optical performance and cost to higher performance alternatives.

Suprasil UVL is well suited for: light pipes, DUV mirrors, optical windows & lenses requiring lower TWE performance.

Refractive Index Homogeneity1)           <– 10 ppm –

                     lower values upon request


Visible striae                                                Free in 3 Directions

Per ISO 10110-4                                          Class 5 in Functional Direction

Per MIL-G-174B                                           Grade A in Functional Direction


Birefringence / Residual Strain1)

(Typical values)                                              <= 5nm/cm


Bubble class (DIN 58927)                             0

Maximum number of inclusions2)                0

Fluorescence (254 nm excitations)              None


1)  Stress induced birefringence and optical homogeneity are valid for 80 % of the diameter of an ingot or for 90 % diameter of a machined component.

2)  Bubbles and Inclusion with ø <– 80 µm are not counted. Inclusion free down to 10 µm upon request.

Contact Heraeus regarding this fused silica materials for DUV Excimer Optics.