News | May 4, 2005

Semiconductor Optical Amplifier


CIP launches a semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA) offering optimized non-linear operating characteristics that may be used to implement advanced all-optical networking functions such as wavelength conversion. The component, SOA-NL-OEC-1550, has a fast gain recovery that makes it suitable for use at 40 Gb/s transmission speeds, and additionally offers large-spot interfaces with ultra-low reflectivity that allow it to be passively aligned when building integrated optical subsystems. The SOA is suitable for next generation WDM (wavelength division multiplexing) applications. Among the operating parameters offered by the 1550 nm Indium Phosphide, multiple quantum well device are a saturated gain recovery time (1/e) of less than 25 picoseconds — which supports 40 Gb/s transmission speeds — and a polarization-dependent saturated gain of less than 0.5 dB. The device also offers a high gain figure of over 30 dB for small signal inputs. The device features an internal active waveguide with a high confinement factor of over 20%.

Source: The Centre for Integrated Photonics