Company Profile | January 1, 1996


Electrostatic Discharge Flooring Systems

Sauereisen, now celebrating 101 years of business, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of specialty cements, corrosion-resistant coatings, and electrostatic discharge flooring systems. In March, 1998, our corporate headquarters completed a major plant expansion enabling our production team to keep up with the high product demand.

Sauereisen manufactures polymer floor coatings subject to strict quality control guidelines. The Sauereisen ConducTop system is ideal for electronics, aerospace, telecommunications, or data processing industries where static charges pose a risk to products and equipment.

On an even larger scale, static charges could be catastrophic in such high-risk explosive atmospheres such as those in munitions plants or solvent handling facilities.

Our ConducTop floor system is specially designed to provide a static-free environment by removing charges from a floor's working surface. This is achieved by a conductive fiber network, which channels the charges from the topcoat through a specified conductive, or dissipative primer to ground. The success of our floor systems dates back over 20 years and conforms to NFPA and EOS/ESD standards.

The ConducTop systems consist of two insulating sealers, a carbon-filled primer, and a protective topcoat.

  • PenePrime No. 500 - is the initial base that seals the substrate from moisture.

  • ConductSeal No. 5035 is applied next to electrically isolate the substrate and enhance the bond of the other coatings that follow.

  • ConductPrime C No. 5073 or ConductPrime D No. 5093 is then applied to serve as the conductive plane through which all the static charges will be grounded.

  • ConducTop No. 1313 is the final 50-mil thick topcoat, which directs charges to the primer and functions as a protective barrier. Various colors and thinner topcoats are available.

Advantages in a Nutshell

  • Sauereisen's ESD flooring combines durability with low maintenance costs to provide a significant cost benefit over the full product life cycle. No waxing or buffing necessary.

  • A ConducTop floor maintains constant electrical readings over the same period that competitive systems are installed, repaired, and replaced.

  • Seamless construction by spray or pour-and-spread methods.

The Company has a network of technical sales representatives in major cities throughout the world. With manufacturing and warehouse facilities in the United States, Europe, and the Pacific Rim, Sauereisen provides globoal product distribution.