News | September 9, 1998

Robert F. Graham, Visionary Semiconductor Innovator, Dies at 69

Robert F. Graham, a semiconductor industry pioneer and former Novellus chairman of the board and CEO, died on Sept. 3 after a year-long bout with cancer. Graham was 69 years old.

One of the founders of Intel Corp., Graham was among the visionaries who transformed Santa Clara Valley into its current status as the center of the high-technology industry.

His accomplishments include: helping to persuade the computer industry to switch from vacuum tubes to integrated circuits; marketing the first commercial semiconductors; developing the marketing concepts for the microprocessor and the single-chip, fully decoded random access memory (RAM); as well as the requirements for bipolar drivers and metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) memories and the industry-standard dual in-line package (DIP).

In addition, he was instrumental in helping both Intel and Applied Materials Inc. penetrate the Japanese market, directing the establishment first of Intel Japan and later of Applied Materials Japan.

Graham joined Novellus as CEO and president in 1986. He was elected to the board of directors that same year. In 1992, he was elected chairman of the board, serving in this post until his retirement in 1996. During his ten-year leadership tenure, he grew Novellus from a $3.5 million to a $500 million company.

For more information: Bob Climo, Novellus Systems Inc. Tel: 408-973-9700.