Publication Detailing Packaging Technology

ICE announces the availability of a publication focused on the current revolutions in the packaging industry. The book, titled, "IC Packaging Update 1999", is a supplement to the ICE publication, "Roadmaps of Packaging Technology". Both publications are written by an industry expert. The two publications review the driving forces on packaging technology as well as the responses from the industry to meet these demands. In the last couple of years, there has been a growing surge in technology advances in the packaging industry to meet the demands from the IC industry and end users.

This publication identifies nine specific revolutions that impact the packaging and interconnect industry. These revolutions include: flip chip, BGA, CSP, bare die, microvias, integrated passives, outsourcing of manufacturing services, designing for high speed, and CAE tools. Each of these technologies are reviewed in clear and simple language to identify the driving forces, the players and the major advances.

These two publications are suitable as a reference for engineers and managers who need to get up to speed quickly and make decisions based on the current and next generation packaging technologies. They are available in both hard copy and CD ROM formats.

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