Pressure Controllable Automatic Curing System: PCOA-01T

The PCOA-01T is a pressure controllable automatic curing system that provides thermal treatment of a wide variety of electronic devices in the mounting/manufacturing process. It removes bubbles in seals and in adhesion resins, provides a low oxygen cure of resins, and conducts materials synthesis under increased pressure.

This system conducts curing on electronic devices in their mounting processes through the use of pressure-resistant gas heaters. These heaters enable rapid heat-up and cool-down processes, and several programmable temperature controls and adjustable pressure conditions increase the system’s efficiency.

A door lock system, overheating protector, a leakage breaker, and valves to control overpressure are utilized in order to maintain safety during the system’s operation, and a touch panel is employed to simplify use of the system.

The PCOA-01T pressure controllable automatic curing system has a temperature control range of +10oC to 250oC. Its pressure control ranges from 0.2 MPa to 0.8 MPa (G). The system can also accommodate larger, 450 mm diameter substrates. It's especially ideal for manufacturers of semiconductor devices. For more information, download the datasheet or visit NTT-AT's website by clicking the link below.

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