Company Profile | January 1, 1996

optical filters, excimer, laser optics, monochromators, imaging spectrographs

optical filters, excimer, laser optics, monochromators, imaging spectrographs Acton Research is the premier manufacturer of high quality Deep UV optical components and DUV Spectrophotometers. Acton Research optical components include excimer / DUV laser optics with proven long lifetimes of more than 7 billion laser pulses (for 193nm maximum reflecting optics at 45 degrees AOI)! Excimer / DUV optics include high reflectance mirrors and coating and anti-reflection coatings for 157nm, 193nm, 248nm, 308nm and 353nm as well as everything in between. These components are used in a variety of applications including DUV microlithography and DUV based metrology systems. Acton Research also manufacturers VUV-UV-VIS optical filters available in a variety of bandwidths, as well as broadband mirrors and coatings. Acton Research optical components are used in a variety of OEM and research applications worldwide!

Acton Research also produces the CAMS-507 DUV Spectrophotometer. The CAMS-507 DUV provides reflectance, transmission and absorption measurements of optics, reticles, wafers and resists from 120-300nm, making it an ideal 193nm and 157nm optical metrology tool. It includes powerful, intuitive software, automated sample chamber and high level repeatability.

Other Acton Research spectroscopy products include SpectraPro® Series of multi-grating monochromators and imaging spectrographs as well as vacuum monochromators and spectroscopic accessories. Newly added to Acton Research's instrumentation product line are the economical, research-grade Spectrumm CCDs to integrate with Acton's imaging spectrographs.

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