News | August 7, 2008

ON Semiconductor Further Expands Discrete Packaging Portfolio With New Micro-Packaged Transistors And Diodes

PHOENIX--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ON Semiconductor (Nasdaq: ONNN), a global leader of efficient power semiconductor solutions, has announced the expansion of its discrete packaging portfolio with new micro-packaged transistors and diodes. The new additions broaden the company's micro-packaged portfolio of transistors and diodes targeted to meet the needs of today's most demanding space-constrained portable applications.

"Small size and low profile while maintaining power density are critical parameters for our portable product customers," said Mamoon Rashid, vice present and general manager of ON Semiconductor discrete products division. "ON Semiconductor offers micro-packaged diodes and transistors for power management, switching and protection applications to enable expanded feature integration in their portable products - without increasing the size of their end-products or reducing power efficiency."

New Micro-Packaged Transistors

ON Semiconductor now offers general purpose and bias resistor transistors (BRT) in SOT-723, SOT-963 and in SOT-1123 packages – which measure 1.0 mm x 0.6 mm x 0.37 mm. These smaller, low-profile packages allow design engineers to use them in such applications as mobile handsets. The dual and complementary micro-packaged transistors are lead-free and halogen-free. Budgetary pricing ranges from $0.06 to $0.08 USD per unit in 8,000 quantities.

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New Micro-Packaged Diodes

Low Vf Schottky Diodes

ON Semiconductor has expanded its SOD-923 NSR Schottky diode portfolio with higher current capability of up to 500 milliamps (mA) and higher reverse blocking voltage up to 70 volts (V). These micro-packaged Schottky diodes are ideal for use in camera flash and module drivers, boost converters for LCD/ or key-pad backlighting and a wide range of dc-dc converter applications in space-constraint portable applications. ON Semiconductor's Schottky diodes are highly optimized for lower forward voltage drop and lower leakage current resulting in higher efficiency and lower losses. The SOD-923 packaged Schottky diodes are available in the lead-free, halogen-free packages and budgetary priced at $0.064 USD per unit in 8,000 quantities.

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New Zener Diodes

The industry-leading Zener portfolio from ON Semiconductor now features the NZ9F series in the tiny SOD-923 package measuring only 1.0 mm x 0.6 mm x 0.4 mm. With a steady state power dissipation of 200 milliwatts (mW), the NZ9F series offers the same power handling capability as the SOD-323 package in a fraction of the board space. This series features a full zener breakdown voltage range from 2.4 V to 24 V with both 2 percent and 5 percent tolerance devices, offering the design engineer optimum flexibility for regulation and cost. Typical applications for these zener diodes include voltage reference, low current voltage regulation and voltage clamping. Budgetary pricing for these devices is $ 0.04 USD per unit in 8,000 unit quantities.

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About ON Semiconductor

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