Company Profile | January 1, 1996

NRD, A Sub Div of Mark IV Ind

Source: NRD, LLC
NRD, A Sub Div of Mark IV Ind At NRD we've been putting safe, effective alpha-energy to work for our customers since 1969. We're the world's largest, and one of the most experienced manufacturers of ion sources. With a full line of products that use ion sources for static control, smoke detection, physics research and instrumentation.

Our alpha energy ionizers provide the most advanced solutions for static control. Safe for workers and the environment and offering the lowest annual operating costs in the industry. Reliable static control is maintained without the need of calibration or adjustment. Unlike electrical systems, which require some relative range(i.e. ± 40 volts), NRD ionizers provide a constant balance at ± 0 volts throughout their life. In addition, dangerous voltage and sharp emitter points are eliminated, and no radio frequency is produced that can interfere with process controls.

Our highly trained staff perform over 50,000 ion measurements per year, and all our products and materials are tested against the strictest industry standards. Research and development teams analyze your specific applications, and offer targeted recommendations to solve individual problems. Our knowledgeable sales staff helps customers find exactly the right product to fit their needs, and follows up with on-time delivery and a continuing level of service that exceeds expectations.

NRD offers a full line of Staticmaster® ionizers that instantly eliminate static and enables precise weighing of samples in laboratory environments. By completely neutralizing static charges, Staticmaster® ionizers eliminate dust accumulation, flyaway powders, and interference with sensitive equipment that can cause weight variations and inaccurate measurement results.