News | January 29, 2007

New ATS Heat Sink Cools Freescale PowerQUICC II Processors

New ATS Heat Sink Cools Freescale PowerQUICC II Processors

Norwood, MA - Advanced Thermal Solutions has introduced the ATS-552 heat sink for cooling Freescale Semiconductor's widely used MPC8349E PowerQUICC II Pro integrated communications processors. Attaching an ATS-552 sink helps ensure that junction temperatures in a PowerQUICC II Pro component do not exceed the maximum specified value.

The ATS-552 heat sink is designed to maximize heat dissipation in low air flow conditions. The sink's thermal resistance is only 2.7°C/W at its base in air velocity of 200 ft/min. The ATS-552 is made from black anodized aluminum and features 14 integral linear fins, 0.5 mm thick, to maximize cooling surfaces in local airflow. The heat sink is only 14 mm high, allowing its use in restricted spaces. Length and width are 72 by 50 mm, respectively.

The ATS-552 heat sink is provided pre-assembled with an ATS maxiGRIP mounting system. This system features a plastic frame clip that snaps securely around the processor. A stainless steel spring clip runs through the fin field and fastens to the frame. The result is firm heat sink attachment with steady, even pressure. A thermally conductive, phase-changing interface pad maximizes the heat transfer from component to the cooling solution.

ATS' maxiGRIP heat sink mounting assemblies have been certified by National Technical Systems (NTS) to meet Telcordia GR-63-Core Office Vibration; ETSI 300 019 Transportation Vibration; and MIL-STD-810 Shock Testing and Unpackaged Drop Testing standards. They comply with RoHS standards. The ATS-552 heat sink, with mounting hardware, weighs just 30 grams. More information on these heat sinks and the maxiGRIP system can be found on the Advanced Thermal Solutions website,, or is available by calling 1-781-769-2800.

SOURCE: Advanced Thermal Solutions