Near-Infrared (NIR) Streak Camera (C11293)

Hamamatsu’s C11293 streak camera features a deep-cooled InP/InGaAs streak tube that offers enhanced NIR sensitivity for low-light picosecond time-resolved measurements. It can run various repetition rates up to 20 MHz and measure with 20 ps (FWHM) time resolution.

The new C11293 NIR streak camera is ideally suited to a wide range of application areas including time-resolved spectroscopy in semiconductor physics, quantum dots, carbon nanotubes and other nanostructure research, photovoltaic research, photonics crystals, and many others.

Streak camera technology offers major advantages over other methods for ultrafast time-resolved fluorescence measurements. These advantages are:

  • Photon counting with unsurpassed temporal resolution (in the picosecond domain)
  • Simultaneous recording of intensity vs. time vs. position (or wavelength)


  • High NIR sensitivity (1000-1650 nm)
  • Temporal resolution: 20 ps FWHM
  • Sweep time: 1 ns to 10 ms
  • Sweep repetition frequency: 20 MHz max.
  • InP/InGaAs photocathode cooled down to -100 deg. Celsius
  • Low dark current noise
  • Multichannel measurement


  • Photonic crystal research
  • Carbon nanotube research
  • Quantum nanostructures research
  • Optical communication

Measurement examples

Streak Image Measurement Example

Fluorescence Lifetime Measurement

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