Datasheet | January 31, 2012

NanoSHIELD Hollow Fiber Series SDC Filter Capsules Datasheet

Source: 3M Purification Inc.

NanoSHIELD™ hollow fiber series SDC filter capsules deliver the highest flow rates and lowest hold-up volumes for advanced photoresists and ancillary chemicals applications. Utilizing Hollow Fiber Technology (HFT), NanoSHIELD hollow fiber series filters are able to provide superior flow and minimal pressure drop, while maintaining the highest level of filter efficiency in a compact design.

The hollow fiber polyporpylene membrane in an all polyethylene construction provides low extractables and excellent chemical compatibility with most photo-chemicals. In addition, all filters are critically cleaned, integrity tested, and rinsed with high purity water to provide fast start-up times right out of the box. The small compact design of NanoSHIELD hollow fiber series SDC filter capsules make them ideally suited for applications requiring low hold-up volume and high particle retention at 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, and 0.1 µm.

NanoSHIELD hollow fiber SDC filter capsules contain the same filter media as full size NanoSHIELD hollow fiber series filter cartridges and capsules, ensuring full scale-up throughout your development process.