News | August 9, 2005

LitePoint Releases Production Test Software For Texas Instruments' New WLAN Chipsets

Sunnyvale, CA and Dallas -- LitePoint Corporation and Texas Instruments Incorporated announced the release of the LitePoint IQfact turnkey production test software for WiFi chipsets based on TI's TNETW1350A and TNETW1450 WLAN system solutions. IQfact runs on the LitePoint IQview(R) and IQflex(TM) family of advanced WLAN one-box tests.

"As the leading on-chip test solution provider in the WLAN test space, we are delighted that Texas Instruments chose us to support their products to give their customers the lowest cost of test available," said Dr. Benny Madsen, CEO of LitePoint. "Our early engagement in the OEM design cycle with leading innovators like TI benefits all in the product chain from solutions makers down to the growing number of wireless users."

LitePoint IQfact production test software is optimized for TI's TNETW1350A and TNETW1450 chipset solutions targeting residential gateway applications such as DSL and Cable modems, VoIP-enabled gateways, set-top boxes and digital media adapters, as well as applications using a universal serial bus dongle form-factor. IQfact runs on LitePoint IQview R&D and IQflex high-volume production WLAN one-box testers. The software contains a flexible operator interface, a test suite of recommended tests and test limits, and calibration and verification procedures needed for the manufacturing of WLAN solutions. The flexible operator interface makes for easy set-up and a dual test head option lets users share one tester between two stations.

"TI continues to deliver differentiated, extended reach WLAN solutions that RG manufacturers can easily embed into their products," said Ben Sheppard, director of partnership programs for TI's Residential Gateway and Embedded Systems group. "With their large installed base, LitePoint helps us ensure our customers get these differentiated and highly reliable products to market quickly."

"WLAN original design manufacturers like AboCom need simple and quick ways to insure near-faultless products," said Eric Oh-Yang, chairman AboCom, Inc. "LitePoint solutions help us do this by allowing us to differentiate ourselves from competitors. Now we can go further by incorporating TI's latest technology while continuing to verify reliability quickly and insuring a trouble-free customer experience at the lowest cost."

SOURCE: LitePoint Corporation