Industrial CoMag® System for Industrial Applications

Source: Evoqua Water Technologies

Proven to dramatically increase treatment capacity and produce high quality effluent.

Simple to integrate, operate and maintain, the innovative Industrial CoMag System infuses magnetite as a weighing agent into conventional floc to make it heavier, dramatically improving settling rates, increasing clarifier performance and reducing the foot print versus a conventional clarification system.

Features and Benefits

  • 40% reduction in capital cost over conventional clarification
  • Rapid magnetite settling can result in a 75% reduction in footprint over conventional clarification
  • With four standard shop fabricated sizes, start-up time can be reduced by 12 weeks over field erected tanks
  • Retrofitting existing clarifiers reduces costs and can increase hydraulic throughput by 2X or more
  • Recoverable and reusable magnetite reduces operating and minimizes your consumable costs​


  • Removal of phosphorus from wastewaters
  • TSS removal for surface waters
  • Heavy metals treatment and removal from wastewaters​

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