News | September 13, 2007

Impinj Tops 600 Million Logic NVM Units Shipped

Source: Impinj, Inc.

Leading logic nonvolatile memory (NVM) intellectual property (IP) supplier, Impinj, Inc., recently announced that the company's customers have shipped more than 600 million chips containing Impinj's AEON NVM cores since 2003.

Numerous electronics applications require logic NVM today. Several of these applications along with the features leveraged in Impinj's AEON NVM include:

  • Power management — control and configuration of power management systems require nonvolatile storage that can withstand extended temperature ranges (up to 150 °C) and deliver automotive-level reliability.
  • Secure media — varied and ever-changing digital rights management (DRM) methods and algorithms require small amounts storage that can be isolated from the outside world and reprogrammed frequently in the field to create encryption keys.
  • Wireless applications — wireless devices require ultra-low power memories (10s of nA standby) for in-system calibration, device identification, and 2-way handshake links.
  • Precision analog, silicon clocks, sensors — high performance analog circuits require small amounts of nonvolatile memory that can be electrically tested at the wafer level, programmed post-packaging or in-system, and locked to prevent further modification of the data.

"Impinj's AEON NVM delivers significant advantages to chip designers and system architects seeking to increase configurability, testability and security, while also reducing costs and minimizing space requirements," said Larry Morrell, vice president and general manager of IP products at Impinj. "Reaching the 600 million unit mark serves as a true testament to AEON NVM production quality and is a major milestone for both the semiconductor industry and the logic NVM market category."

Impinj AEON NVM cores undergo stringent and well-documented quality, performance and manufacturability testing, and are available at the world's leading foundries at 250-, 180-, 130- and 90-nanometer technology nodes. AEON/MTP NVM cores are available for license through Impinj's free "Try it Now" six-month evaluation program (

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About Impinj, Inc.
Impinj, Inc. is a semiconductor and RFID company whose patented Self-Adaptive Silicon technology enables its two synergistic business lines: high-performance RFID products and semiconductor intellectual property (IP). A leading contributor to the RFID standards for high-volume supply-chain applications worldwide, Impinj leverages its technical expertise and industry partnerships to deliver the GrandPrix solution, comprising tags, readers, software and systems integration. Impinj's innovative IP products, core to the company's RFID tags, are licensed to leading semiconductor companies worldwide, allowing them to seamlessly integrate crucial nonvolatile memory (NVM) alongside analog and digital functionality on a single chip. Impinj's IP products include the popular AEON family of embeddable cores, which provides rewriteable NVM technology in logic CMOS manufacturing. For more information, visit

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