High Resolution Uncooled Thermal Camera: Gobi 640 Series

The Gobi 640 series of high-resolution, uncooled thermal cameras feature 640 x 480 pixel resolution and are ideal for applications involving accurate temperature measurement, NDT lock-in thermography, real-time process control and monitoring, quality control/assurance, and semiconductor inspection. Where image quality is crucial, the Gobi+, an improved version of the Gobi camera, offers increased frame rates of 60 Hz, as well as lowered 50 mK NETD detector noise.

The high-performance microbolometer cameras reach frame rates up to 50 Hz at full 640 x 480 image resolution or higher in windowing mode. The detector features a small 17 μm pixel pitch and low 55 mK NETD with germanium window. With a broad selection of industry standard accessories coupled with extensive software customization tools, the Gobi 640 cameras quickly find widespread use in both industrial and research projects around the world. 

Additional information on features and specifications can be found on the available datasheet. Visit Xenics’ website for more information.