News | June 9, 2005

GCS Announces PHEMT Foundry Process For mmW Frequency Applications

Torrance, CA -- GCS, Inc. (Global Communication Semiconductors, Inc.), a pure-play III-V compound semiconductor wafer foundry announced that its proprietary 0.25um PHEMT process will now be offered to address the mmW frequency applications.

"Our low cost 0.25um PHEMT process was developed specifically for transceiver MMIC components. The device features high frequency characteristics of FT>60 GHz and Fmax>150 GHz, with Gmax>15dB at 30 GHz. It is ideal for PA, gain blocks, LNA, mixers, switches and other discrete or MMIC components with operations through Ka-Band (or up to 40GHz) frequency. The unique feature of this process is utilizing "optical" gate lithography, which allows low cost manufacturing and short cycle time," commented Jerry Curtis, Chief Executive Officer of GCS. "With a two terminal gate-to-drain breakdown voltage of >18V and a pinch off voltage of -1.0V, this process allows safe operation of up to 8V drain bias which opens up many options of operations, especially in the mmW PA area. As a performance example, at 30 GHz when biased at Vds=6V, our device demonstrated a power density greater than 400mW/mm with an associated gain of 9.4 dB and a PAE >41%. Thanks to the advance of 0.25um "optical" gate lithography, high performance and high dynamic range mmW MMICs are now made affordable for applications such as LMDS, PTP, VSAT, etc.," Jerry Curtis said.

SOURCE: Global Communication Semiconductors, Inc.