News | August 2, 2005

eVue Enables Productivity Gains For Wafer Navigation And Testing

Source: Cascade Microtech, Inc.
Beaverton, OR -- Cascade Microtech announced the eVue digital imaging system to enable productivity gains in semiconductor wafer navigation and testing. eVue was designed primarily for engineers doing process development or device characterization and modeling.

Optimized for on-wafer test with Cascade Microtech's wafer probing stations, eVue allows users to navigate, observe, and measure leading-edge devices. It combines new wafer probe navigation tools and advanced video processing with next-generation digital microscope technology developed by Umech Technologies, a partner of Cascade Microtech.

"The eVue digital imaging system radically improves upon today's methods of wafer navigation, test set-up, and probe contact accuracy forengineering measurements," said John Pence, vice president and general manager, Engineering Products Division, Cascade Microtech. "With its one-of-a-kind integration of microscopy, digital imaging, and software, eVue is the first system to allow semiconductor R&D engineers to quickly set up, navigate, and profile wafers in one complete system."

The eVue digital imaging system integrates many optical, electronic and software technologies. At the core of the system is a multi-CCD microscope with high definition digital video and wide field/high magnification capabilities. Three discrete optical paths, each with individual high-resolution CCD cameras, can be utilized to provide a state-of-the-art "multi-perspective" view of the device under test.

eVue's wide "field of view" optics, in conjunction with its high definition video, allow engineers to see an extended view of the wafer when navigating, and see both ends of a probe card needle array when aligning small probe tips to test pads.

The eVue intelligent objective lens mount stores critical lens-microscope performance information together with the objective lens. When a lens is changed for different test configuration, eVue reads the new lens data and is automatically configured and optimized. With this feature, wafer navigation, probe positioning accuracy, and "on-screen" measuring tape functions are all automatically optimized.

SOURCE: Cascade Microtech, Inc.