Datasheet | December 6, 2010

Datasheet: ETM Membrane Filter Cartridges

Source: Critical Process Filtration, Inc.

ETM Membrane Filter Cartridges with polyethersulfone (PES) membrane are power-flushed low particle, low extractable filter cartridges designed to meet the special needs of the electronics and high-purity chemical industries. Teflon® membrane cartridges are resistant to virtually all chemicals. Because of Teflon's hydrophobic nature, it can also be used to filter process gases. Pre-wet Teflon is available for liquids with surface tension too high to wet out standard Teflon membrane. This membrane will also handle elevated process temperatures in compatible fluids. To remove all manufacturing debris and minimize extractables, each cartridge module is pulse-power flushed until the rinse effluent reaches 17+ Megohm-cm and less than 3 ppb TOC. Each cartridge module is also individually tested for integrity.