News | August 9, 2005

COR*Guard LLC Launches New Exhaust Duct System For Semiconductor Industry

St. Paul, MN -- Dyneon LLC and COR*Guard announced that COR*Guard's new, proprietary Factory Mutual-approved exhaust ducts for use in acid-laden-air exhaust systems in the semiconductor industry will incorporate a Dyneon ETFE fluoropolymer-based coating formulation.

COR*Guard can now offer Factory Mutual (Class 4922/E-84)-approved fabricated or pre-manufactured exhaust ducts coated with a Dyneon Modified ETFE Fluoropolymer Coating System. The exhaust ducts can withstand the harsh high temperature and corrosive environments found in semiconductor processing ductwork. Additional applications for the coating include tanks, spin bowls, chemical enclosures, trays and other applications that warrant protecting metal substrates from the rugged demands of corrosive chemicals in the semiconductor industry. The Dyneon coating formulation comprises a primer and a modified ETFE topcoat/coating. COR*Guard plans to utilize the new primer and modified ETFE coating coupled with a proven technology, which reduces the preparation time of the substrate. COR*Guard will leverage its well-trained, low-cost workforce, low utility rates and centralized location in the United States to produce a competitive, high-quality product for its customers.

Steve Durham, board member of COR*Guard LLC, said, "In the early stage of our startup company, we had the opportunity to select from more than one supplier who specializes in fluoropolymers to help us in this technical sector of the semiconductor industry. The reason COR*Guard selected Dyneon was simple - we found their people to be honest, hard-working and never willing to compromise the quality of their product to get to market fast. Dyneon's product-development approach runs parallel with COR*Guard's objectives to build a solid business in the semiconductor industry."