News | July 21, 2009

Conix Research Announces Its Newest Innovation In Microscope Automation, The Precision Ballscrew Stage

Source: Conix Research Inc.

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Datasheet: Precision Ballscrew Stage

Springfield, OR - Conix Research Inc. announced today, its newest innovation in microscope automation, the Precision Ballscrew Stage. The new product provides accurate positioning for many applications including the automation of microscope focusing to obtain precise optical sections of sub-micron measurements, confocal microscopy, deconvolution, lineage analysis, and 3-D reconstruction.

The Precision Ballscrew stage features a lightweight design that's efficient without sacrificing precision and performance. Our flat-top design is perfect for applications that require unobstructed accessibility.

Each Precision Ballscrew Stage is built with corrosion resistant stainless steel hardware, crossed roller vee ways, low detent stepper motors, and precision CNC machined grade aluminum parts that are anodized to strict military specifications.

Recent developments of the Precision Ballscrew Stage represent state of the art design in microscope positioning. Proprietary features allow for higher speed, precise positioning, and greater accuracy while maintaining a focus on ergonomics and microscope compatibility. The Precision Ballscrew Stage technology features a stepper motor driven ballscrew providing a minimum step resolution of 50nm. In the standard configuration, maximum speed performance is in excess of 25mm per second and is not compromised with the higher resolution.

The Precision Ballscrew stages can be customized with encoder options. Linear encoders enhance the performance of the stage through the increased definition of resolution and repeatability options. The standard Precision Ballscrew Stage offers .05 microns of resolution and 2 microns of repeatability, with the encoder option the resolution and repeatability become .5 microns.

The Precision Ballscrew Stage is a valuable tool for any lab. Conix Research Inc. offers specimen holders of almost any type. From the standard 25mm x 75mm glass slide to 35mm petri dish holders, and well plates. Non-standard specimens are also supported with custom design.

SOURCE: Conix Research Inc.

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Datasheet: Precision Ballscrew Stage