Canon Introduces DUV Lithography Stepper

Source: Canon USA, Semiconductor Equipment Division
Canon U.S.A., Inc. Semiconductor Equipment Division, has introduced a higher throughput excimer-laser stepper, the FOA-3000EX5,
Canon USA, Semiconductor Equipment Divisionany%>, introduced a higher throughput excimer-laser stepper, the FPA-3000EX5, that has a newly designed projection lens with a numeric aperture of 0.63, improved field flatness and lower distortion.

The EX5 resolved 0.22-micron features over an exposure area of 22mm x 22mm with conventional photo processes. Optical performance can be extended into the realm of the 0.18-micron design rule by incorporating process enhancements along with Canon's CQUEST II off-axis illumination mode. Besides advanced optical performance, the EX5 also offers a 23% higher throughput than its EX4 predecessor.

New features of the FPA-3000EX5 combine to deliver more than 90 wafers per hour with high optical resolution and reduced laser operation costs. These features include increased laser illumination intensity, "on-the-fly" focusing, a CCD OPTF II Focusing System, Advanced Global Alignment and a new through-the-lens phase detection alignment system. The EX5 uses a Cymer 5000 series excimer laser source with increased intensity output of 3500 W/m2 for high wafer throughput.

The EX5, designed for mass-producing 64 megabyte and advanced 256 megabyte DRAM chips and MPUs, shares many technology innovations found in the FPA-3000i5, the FPA-3000iW, and other models in Canon's i-line stepper family.

The Semiconductor Equipment Division of Canon U.S.A., Inc., headquartered in Lake Success NY, is a leader in imaging equipment and information systems that oversees sales and marketing, manufacturing, and research and development throughout North, Central and South America, and the Caribbean.