Datasheet | January 30, 2012

Betapure™ NT-T Series Filter Cartridges Datasheet

Source: 3M Purification Inc.

Betapure™ NT-T Series filter cartridges are 3M Purification Inc.'s latest advance in depth filtration technology. The all polypropylene filter is constructed using a design that utilizes flow enhancing filter media and an innovative flow pattern. The result is an absolute-rated filter with vastly superior on-stream life that provides more cost effective filtration than conventional melt-blown filter technologies. Betapure NT-T Series filter cartridges - the new leader in filtration performance.

3M Purification Inc. designed the Betapure NT-T Series cartridge to provide significantly superior service life while maintaining a consistent filtration efficiency. Betapure NT-T Series filters achieve this through an innovative cartridge design that allows uniform distribution of fluid flow and contaminant throughout the entire depth of the cartridge. Betapure NT-T Series filter construction combines a polypropylene media with fluid distribution netting to form multiple layers. Critically positioned media flow channels allow greater movement of fluid from layer to layer. Three distinct media sections, made from multiple media/netting layers, are combined to form the filter cartridge.