Animal Research Laboratory Equipment

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NuAire Ergonomic Animal Research Equipment is engineered to deliver product, personnel, and/or dual protection in animal vivarium facilities. Effectively control allergens, dander, bedding, and other materials while maintaining product sterility with AllerGard cage changing stations and waste disposal stations or LabGard biological safety cabinets and animal isolators. 

NuAire animal laboratory equipment protects research animals and technicians through HEPA filtration and laminar airflow. The animal vivarium houses laboratory animals in a controlled environment.

AllerGard ES NU-S620M Innovive® Edition Animal Transfer Station for Innocage® Mouse

The AllerGard™ NU-S620M Innovive Edition allows technicians to prepare the work zone with the Innovive disposable IVC caging system before procedural work to maximize workflow.This method allows for the ability to open, prepare, and maintain 25 irradiated INNOCAGE® under ISO Class 4 conditions to maintain sterility.

LabGard® ES LP NU-640 Class II, Type A2 Animal Handling Biological Safety Cabinet

The console-style NU-640 Class II, Type A2 animal handling biosafety cabinet features the tall work access opening needed to work with large cages in a low-profile configuration designed to fit in vivariums with low ceiling heights.