Company Profile | January 1, 1996

air sparger, plating machines, tank liners, electroplating, silver reclaim, ph meters

Source: Technic Inc., SemiConductor Division
air sparger, plating machines, tank liners, electroplating, silver reclaim, ph meters Since its inception in 1945, Technic Inc. has specialized in manufacturing proprietary products for the electrodeposition of precious and non-precious metals. The firm grew, steadily expanding its electroplating technology, first in the jewelry industry, and then in the 1950's, in the burgeoning electronics industries. Today, Technic is one of the world's largest suppliers of precious and non-precious plating chemistry and processes for electronics.

Technic's plating chemicals are complemented by automated plating equipment manufactured at three separate locations. One of these, Future Automation Inc., located in Moorpark, California, manufactures specialized plating equipment for the semiconductor industry. Equipment offerings from Future Automation includes reel to reel and cut strip leadframe plating lines, wafer wet benches and dedicated tools for copper Damascene.

Technic's domestic expansion has included the establishment of regional sales offices and warehouse facilities in Chicago, Dallas, Anaheim and San Jose. Technic's list of foreign joint ventures now includes UK, France, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Suzhou, China. Technic provides products through distributors in other parts of the world.

The ability to provide both proprietary chemistries and specialized plating equipment to the electronics industries has made Technic a uniquely diversified company. Technic's continued expansion and focus on new technologies have created a worldwide organization dedicated to manufacturing world class products for the semiconductor industry.