News | June 26, 2024

Primemas Selected For Plug And Play NeoCity Semiconductor Accelerator Program

Company also joins the Global Semiconductor Alliance

Santa Clara, CA - (BUSINESS WIRE) - Primemas, a fabless semiconductor company developing an innovative SoC Hublet platform using chiplet technology, today announced that the company was selected for the inaugural cohort of the Plug and Play NeoCity Semiconductors accelerator program. The company is also announcing that it has joined the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA).

Chosen by Plug and Play NeoCity’s corporate partners – Osceola County, BRIDG, and imec – Primemas has been selected based on its potential to contribute to the advancement of the semiconductor industry. “We are looking forward to working with such a promising startup as Primemas as part of our Plug and Play Semiconductors accelerator program at NeoCity FL, an innovation hub dedicated to advancing technologies that are instrumental to industries such as AI, telecommunications, healthcare, and automotive,” said Rouzbeh Borhani, head of semiconductors at Plug and Play.

"We are pleased to welcome Primemas as one of our newest GSA members. We are glad to see the company join our network of innovative technology companies and look forward to its contributions to this emerging new semiconductor category," said Jodi Shelton, GSA CEO and co-founder.

“Today, we are announcing our selection and active participation in two pivotal associations that will further enhance our commitment to building solid, feature-rich products for our customers,” stated Il Park, CEO of Primemas. “We are eager to leverage the resources offered by the Plug and Play accelerator program, including workshops, mentorship, and business development as we bring our products to market. We are also now part of the community built around GSA to help advance semiconductor technology and bring the benefits of chiplets to even the most sophisticated AI applications.”

About Primemas
Primemas is a fabless semiconductor company bringing to market a pre-built SoC Hub Chiplet (Hublet) to streamline the existing development and monolithic manufacturing process while reducing the cost and time for custom design and production to one-tenth of traditional methods. The Primemas Hublet provides I/O, control, and compute functionality in a scalable format, using high-performance D2D interfaces to achieve seamless infrastructure sharing with custom dies. Use cases cover a variety of markets such as CXL, AI, crypto, and data analytics. The company is based in Santa Clara , California, with an R&D center in Seoul, South Korea. For more information, visit the company's LinkedIn page or website.

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