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05.21.12 -- Power Transistors For High-Temperature, High-Performance Applications

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Achieve Highest Power Density And Efficiency With Fairchild's 3.3x3.3mm Power Clip
Gallium Nitride Power Transistors For High-Temperature, High-Performance Applications
Bridgelux And Toshiba Achieve World-Class Performance For 8" GaN-On-Silicon LEDs
Production Tools To Increase Silicon Photovoltaic Conversion Efficiency Across Supply Chain
ON Semiconductor Introduces High Performance Field Stop IGBTs For High Efficiency Power Conversion
InformInvestGroup And Altair Semiconductor Team Up To Deliver LTE Solutions To Russia
Sagantec Announces nmigrate
Mentor Graphics Helps eoSemi Solve The Challenge Of Silicon Oscillator Design
Altis Semiconductor's Process Design Kits For 130nm Specialty Platform Processes
Samsung Selects Amalfi Semiconductor's CMOS Power Amplifier Transmit Module
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AquaCarb® CX Enhanced Coconut Shell-Based Activated Carbon
Siemens offers AquaCarb CX Series coconut shell-based activated carbon, an alternative choice to coal-based carbon for removing disinfection byproducts and tastes/odors from surface waters and high performance VOC removal in groundwater sources.
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Anti Reflection Structure (Moth-Eye Structure)
Moth Eye structure fabricated on Si wafer. Features include Si master mold or Ni electroformed mold, patterns for surface improvement, application as "functional film" and anti-reflective structure independent from wavelength.
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NTT Advanced Technology Corporation
Anti Reflection Structure (Moth-Eye Structure)