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Lattice Launches New Family Of Secure Control FPGAs With Advanced Crypto-Agility And Hardware Root Of Trust

Hillsboro, OR - (BUSINESS WIRE) - Lattice Semiconductor (NASDAQ: LSCC), the leader in low-power programming, today expanded its leadership in security-focused hardware and software with the launch of two new solutions to address customers’ challenges in the face of growing system security threats. The company introduced the Lattice MachXO5D-NX family of advanced secure control FPGAs, offering crypto-agile algorithms, hardware root of trust capabilities with embedded flash, and remote fail-safe updates for reliable and secure product lifecycle management. Additionally, Lattice launched the latest version of the Lattice Sentry solution stack, with new capabilities to equip customers with customizable FPGA-based platform firmware resiliency (PFR) solutions that support the new MachXO5D-NX family.

“At Lattice, we are focused on meeting our customers’ evolving security needs and helping them stay ahead of accelerating cyber threats to data and system infrastructure,” said Dan Mansur, vice president of product marketing, Lattice Semiconductor. “Crypto-agile hardware root-of-trust device security is increasingly foundational in the digital age, and we are excited to expand our product portfolio with the MachXO5D-NX FPGA family and the latest release of the Sentry solution stack.”

Key features and performance of the new Lattice MachXO5D-NX FPGAs based on the Lattice Nexus platform are:
Advanced Cryptographic Agility

  • Security algorithms specified by the Commercial National Security Algorithm (CNSA) suite for protection of bitstream and user data, including AES-256, ECDSA-384/521, SHA2-256,384/512 and RSA 3072/4096

Root of material trust

  • Immutable boot ROM, enabling secure-dual boot with integrated flash for fail-safe updates
  • Unique Device Secret (UDS) protecting device identity
  • Resilience to Side Channel Attacks (SCA)
  • Built-in non-volatile configuration memory and up to 57 MB of configurable user flash memory (UFM) for storage and management of user data
  • Fully configurable programming interface (SPI, JTAG) lock control preventing advanced external attacks

Reliable and secure product lifecycle

  • Secure on-chip multi-boot with bitstream encryption and authentication, enabling fail-safe remote updates
  • Anti-rollback version protection and revocable root keys, protecting against malicious bitstream attacks and ensuring design integrity
  • DICE and Lattice SupplyGuard Capability to Secure Product Lifecycle and Supply Chain Management

Enabling the development of NIST SP800-193 compliant PFR solutions for communications, compute, industrial and automotive applications, the Lattice Sentry (v 4.0) solution stack now includes:

  • Multiple QSPI/SPI Monitoring with Demonstration of Protection Against I2C Peripheral Attacks
  • SPDM and MCTP support for efficient platform management and secure, transparent server operations
  • A new workspace model reference design that enables a PFR 4.0 solution with I3C support, new cryptographic algorithms (ECC384/512) and full DC-SCM compatibility
  • Expanded plug-and-play design tools and reference designs with workspace template, and policy, provisioning and manifest generator

The new MachXO5D-NX FPGA family and Sentry solution stack are supported by the latest versions of Lattice Radiant and Lattice Propel design software.

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