Newsletter | August 17, 2005

8.17.05 -- Feature Article: Overview And Trends In Flip Chip Technology
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Featured Article
Overview And Trends In Flip Chip Technology
By Dietrich Tönnies, SUSS MicroTec, Inc.

Although invented by IBM in the 1960s it is only now that the industry is adopting flip chip on a larger scale. And it is no longer only microprocessor manufacturers that are using flip chip in large volume. Graphics chips especially are driving the technology today. Growth is predominantly with flip chip in package (FCIP) rather than flip chip on board. FCIP means that the flip chip is attached to an interposer like a BGA substrate which is then assembled to the printed circuit board...

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Featured Products
FABmonitor Ambient Air Analyzer
The FABmonitor analyzer from MIDAC is a turnkey system employing state-of-the-art FTIR technology to analyze ambient air for multiple compounds at multiple sample points...

Stainless Steel Tanks/Small Chemical Containers
Stainless steel containers from Sharpsville are durable and reusable; they maintain product integrity and promote handling safety. Whether your application is corrosives, poisons, or flammable liquids, Sharpsville can design a container system to meet your specific needs...

Low-Frequency Sinusoidal Power
AE's Crystal series of power supplies provide wide range, low frequency sinusoidal process power for dual-magnetron sputtering applications. The Crystal platform is currently available in 120 kW and 180 kW power levels...

Corrosive Liquid Sampler System
The Corrosive Liquid Sampler System, the Model CLS-1000 is designed for batch sampling process chemicals at 0.1 micron sensitivity. The system consists of a batch sampler, liquid particle sensor and personal computer for data collection and trend analysis...

Featured Download
Application Note: Safe Measurements In Hazardous Areas By Vaisala, Inc.

The Vaisala HMT360 Series Industrial Humidity and Temperature Transmitter was launched in 1999 with the European EEx approval for use in hazardous areas. However, global needs in this strictly controlled application area do not necessarily follow European regulations...

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