Newsletter | July 13, 2005

7.13.05 -- Feature Article: Gartner Says Worldwide Semiconductor Capital Equipment Sales To Decline 12 Percent In 2005
Top News Stories
Gartner Says Worldwide Semiconductor Capital Equipment Sales To Decline 12 Percent In 2005
Cognex Introduces Next-Generation Wafer Reader
Hynix Semiconductor Purchases Over 10 Nextest Magnum Systems
Rudolph Unveils New MetaPULSE-III 300
Bookham New Focus Introduces New Technologies
KUKA Robotics' New Line Of Clean Room Robots
IMEC And Semizone To Offer Online Learning For Global Semi Industry
Keithley Introduces New Pulse Measurement Solution For Semiconductor Device Characterization
LeCroy Announces PCI Express Compliance Testing With Its PCIe Protocol Analyzers And Exercisers
DuPont Dow Elastomers Is Now DuPont Performance Elastomers
Featured Products
V Series FTIR Moisture Analyzer
MIDAC's new generation of V Series FTIR moisture analyzers has been re-engineered for reduced detection levels and increased durability under vacuum. Product enhancements include new dual ADC electronics for improved signal-to-noise, sensitive thermo-electrically cooled InAs detector, electro-polished gas cells to eliminate sample moisture retention, and low internal power dissipation for durability under extended vacuum operation...

X-Ray Masks
NTT Advanced Technology X-ray masks feature sub-0.1um patterns with high width accuracy for applications in nanolithography. They also feature high placement accuracy due to SiC or diamond membrane...

AirJet XE Benchtop Temperature Cycling System
AirJet XE is the only forced air system available that exceeds full mil-spec temperature range in a benchtop platform. XE also offers the convenience of operating on widely available 120 volt circuits...

Beryllium Oxide (BeO) Substrates And Packaging
BeO is a lightweight, low loss, high thermal transfer solution for high power RF and DC package designs. Because of its high thermal conductivity, the use of heavy metallic heat sinks is not required. As compared to Aluminum Nitride (AlN), BeO maintains its thermal properties during standard air firing processes...

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Brochure: Stainless Steel Vessels/Containers From Sharpsville Container Corporation
Sharpsville Container Corporation established in 1860 and located in Western Pennsylvania is a full service provider for buyers of containers both metal, plastic and high pressure gas cylinders...
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