Newsletter | August 10, 2005

8.10.05 -- Feature Article: Engineers Chart Semiconductors On The Scale Of Atoms
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Featured Article
Engineers Chart Semiconductors On The Scale Of Atoms
Spanning fewer than a thousand atoms, the electronic devices on semiconductor chips have become so miniscule they defy most efforts to characterize them. Now for the first time, engineers have demonstrated a way to image these vanishingly small devices by mapping them atom by atom. In a study published in the August 1 issue of Applied Physics Letters, John Booske, a UW-Madison professor of electrical and computer engineering; and Keith Thompson, David Larson and Tom Kelly of the Madison-based company Imago Scientific Instruments; used Imago's local electrode atom probe (LEAP) microscope to pinpoint individual atoms of boron-a common additive, or dopant, in semiconductors-within a sea of silicon atoms...

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Featured Products
Maxi-Cool Recirculating Chiller
Midsize recirculators for maximum cooling. Applications include reaction vessels, condenser cooling, plasma etch equipment, vacuum systems, calorimeters and power supplies...

Fresnel Zone Plate
Various kinds of elements for X-ray optics and EUV lithography have been developed by using X-ray mask and thin film deposition technologies. For example, NTT can supply fresnel zone plates, linear zone plate, diffraction gratings, multi-layer mirrors and so on...

UV-Ozone Stripper/Cleaner
Utilizes a unique combination of ultraviolet light, high-concentration ozone and controlled heating for efficient cleaning. 'Soft' completely dry process will not cause electrical damage to circuits. Easy, drawer type loading of substrates...

Featured Download
White Paper: How Rad Hard Do You Need? The Changing Approach To Space Parts Selection
Traditional radiation hardened or "rad hard" parts are generally considered to be capable of withstanding the most severe space environments. In fact, these devices are designed and fabricated with the specific goal of enduring the harshest space radiation environments...
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