News | December 21, 1998

Kayex and MEMC Form Partnership

Kayex, a division of SPX Corporation, recently announced that they have been selected by MEMC as their 300 millimeter crystal puller partner. This partnership culminates a multi-year cooperative development effort and 12 month technical evaluation program.

As part of the agreement, MEMC will immediately purchase a Kayex 300 mm machine. The KX300 will allow MEMC to continue 300 mm wafer development.

MEMC's 200 mm crystal pullers were supplied by Ferrofluidics, recently acquired by Kayex. With the acquisition of the Ferrofluidics System Division, Kayex now has supplied 300 mm pullers to four different customers.

Kayex is the world's leading manufacturer of silicon CZ crystal pullers.

SPX Corporation is a global provider of industrial and vehicle solutions.

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